Eco-friendly concentrated cleaning products


Naturbío® is the eco-friendly range of Concentralia®, certified with the EU Ecolabel. Take advantage of the mixing device of the future and pay only €1.90 per bottle for a product that guarantees the highest standards of low environmental impact.

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Refill, reuse and recycle with Naturbío®, the Concentralia® range certified by the European Union with the Ecolabel

The fight against climate change and care for the planet must also become central to household cleaning, where using eco-friendly cleaning products contributes to eliminating waste and caring for the health of people, the environment and life on the planet.

At Salló, with the Concentralia® Naturbío® range, we make it easier to change your cleaning habits. Several Naturbío® products are all-purpose and have multiple applications, so you do not need so many different products to clean your home. If you want to opt for natural, healthy and sustainable cleaners, this is the range for you.

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Our eco-friendly concentrated products

Naturbío® Bioalcohol SK-9

Effective eco-friendly all-purpose product for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, worktops, tables, etc.

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Naturbío® Descaling cleaner SK-3

Powerful eco-friendly cleaner ideal for bathrooms, taps and toilets.

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Naturbío® Degreaser SK-10

Powerful degreaser for all types of kitchens, ovens, cooker hoods and other uses.

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Naturbío® All-purpose cleaner SK-6

Effective all-purpose cleaner suitable for glass, mirrors, tiles and surfaces.

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What does the EU Ecolabel for household cleaners mean?

The EU Ecolabel indicates that a household cleaning product meets standards set for low environmental impact and protection of human health from manufacture to end use. Some of these standards include the use of less energy and water during the manufacturing process, as well as a reduction in waste. In short, in order for a household cleaning product to carry the Ecolabel, it must meet a number of criteria related to:

  • Formula
  • Packaging
  • Manufacture process
  • Biodegradability

Take advantage of the EcofoamSystem® in eco-friendly cleaners

The key to eco-friendly cleaning is using the minimum amount of ingredients possible and avoiding the most aggressive ones. The spray dosing system found on Concentralia® Naturbío® products enables you to consume the product responsibly and avoid wasting product, not to mention the advantages of using a concentrated product that, thanks to EcofoamSystem®, allows you to refill the same container to obtain 7.5 litres of ready-to-use premium product.

¿How does it work?

Open the “water” cap and fill the Concentralia® bottle with tap water.

Turn the nozzle to the “on” position, as you would with most conventional sprayers.

Concentralia® comes ready to use — every time you spray it, the water and detergent are mixed together.

Make sure to maintain the minimum water level for maximum effectiveness of the product.

You’ll like the Naturbío® range by Concentralia® because...

It boasts the Ecolabel

It uses 10 times less plastic

The bottle is 100% recycled and recyclable

It has the efficacy of a premium product

Opt for Concentralia® concentrated eco-friendly cleaning products and switch to smart cleaning with no delivery fees.

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