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More sustainable cleaning with Concentralia®

Sustainability can be defined as living in a way that meets our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. This means harnessing resources in a way that does not damage them or deplete their amount and so that those who come after us can continue to use them. It also means taking into account the needs of all people, not just those of our own community or country, when making decisions about how we use resources.

The basis for all Concentralia® products, sustainable cleaning is a term used to describe cleaning habits and methods that go in that direction, where prioritising natural or environmentally friendly chemicals and processes, using less packaging and recycling the little we use, rationalizing water usage, etc., are key strategies.

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Concentralia®, the cleaner that reduces your carbon footprint

Concentralia® is a concentrated cleaner that uses a patented mixing system and produces up to 7.5 litres of product from a single bottle. This translates into 10 times less packaging, caps, labels, etc., for less plastic waste. What’s more, fewer bottles mean fewer trips from the factory to the supermarket and to your home, consuming less fuel and emitting less CO2.

What about Concentralia® makes it smart cleaning?

Biodegradable active ingredients

Unlike other cleaners, which pollute water and air, the active ingredients in Concentralia® decompose quickly and close the environmental cycle.

Maximum efficiency

Thanks to Salló’s extensive experience and the premium quality of our products, you will clean more and better with less product, saving time, money, packaging and waste.

Less plastic

By depositing the water yourself and refilling the bottle up to 24 times, Concentralia® allows you to use one recyclable container for every 10 bottles of a conventional cleaner.

100% recycled, recyclable bottle

In addition to generating much less packaging, once finished, Concentralia® bottles can be deposited in the yellow container because it is 100% recyclable.

Efficiency and originality go hand in hand with sustainability

Concentralia® is a new generation of more sustainable cleaning products. The bottles have two reservoirs: one for the concentrate and one that is filled with tap water. Thanks to the patented EcofoamSystem®, water and concentrate mix instantly in the neck of the bottle when you spray to produce a dense foam that sticks to dirt and carries it away. Concentralia® can be refilled 24 times to give you the equivalent of 10 x 750 ml bottles of cleaner.

Reduce, the key to Concentralia®

The keys to more sustainable cleaning

The basic tenets of sustainability are well-known: reduce, reuse and recycle, or the three Rs At Concentralia, we are committed to all 3, and especially to the two most important — reduce and reuse — because recycling does not prevent waste from being generated, but rather gives it another life. Because our products can be refilled with water, Concentralia gives 10 lives to each bottle.

6 things we can reduce when cleaning


Packaging: by using concentrated cleaners we can avoid manufacturing up to 10 plastic bottles for conventional cleaners. Try it for yourself with Concentralia®, whose recycled bottles are also recyclable.


Fuel and CO2 emissions: when we opt for concentrated cleaners, fewer trips from the factory to the supermarket are needed, meaning less petrol is consumed and less CO2 is released into the atmosphere.


Water discharge and chemical evaporation into the air: cleaners such as Concentralia® are made with biodegradable substances that decompose quickly due to the action of biological and environmental agents and return safely into the environment.


Disposable products and products with a short useful life: when you purchase high quality cloths, rags, mops, etc., and take good care of them so that they last longer, there is no need to manufacture as many. It’s also a good idea to give up “all-purpose” kitchen roll and cleaning wipes.


The amount of product: when you purchase quality cleaners such as Concentralia®, which allow you to clean more and better with less, use them in moderation (we tend to use too much), leverage hacks such as steam to soften grease without applying too much product and squeeze out every last drop of product, you will buy less.


All of the above with a little maintenance: not letting your cleaning get behind schedule means that you don’t have to use so many cleaners or so many cleaning tools, giving them a longer useful life and, consequently, reducing their environmental impact. What’s more, you save time and money too!

Give Concentralia® products a try and start cleaning more sustainably

Concentralia® is the device that instantly mixes and dilutes the concentrate with water thanks to EcofoamSystem®. It’s the original concentrate for effective and intelligent cleaning of your home. Discover our range of innovative premium products.

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