Is it worth spending so much on products that are made of 80% water?

Save on cleaning products: hacks with Concentralia®

According to data from a 2021 study by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, families in Spain spend €423.90 annually to clean their homes. Although this figure has dropped in recent years, many still ask if it is necessary to spend this amount, especially since a cleaning product is 80% water! This is especially true for premium products: the cheaper a conventional product is, the more water and the less active ingredients it contains. With Concentralia®, we help you save on cleaning products while contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

Ahorro en productos de limpieza

Some tips to boost your savings on cleaning products

There is a widespread belief that using cheap products is the easiest way to reduce cleaning costs, both at homes and at work. However, it may be wiser to make cleaning more efficient by employing the right practices and products. With Concentralia®, you spray only what is necessary, helping you to clean less because you clean better.

Use concentrated products

Products with a higher percentage of water are generally not as effective because the proportion of active ingredients is lower, whereas concentrated products, especially high-quality products such as Concentralia®, tend to clean better for the same or less money.

Prioritise all-purpose products

You can use all-purpose products for a large part of household cleaning while using specific products such as anti-limescale or grease removers for particularly delicate areas. Take a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations before using a product.

Avoid kitchen roll

While kitchen roll is a cleaning essential for many, fabric cloths work just as well in most cases. Use clothes to save money and take care of the planet.

Use the entire product

Even a small amount, especially in concentrated products, can get the job done. Despite this, we sometimes throw away containers that still have some product left.

Dose the product appropriately

Because the spraying motion is so simple (and so pleasant, especially if the product has a good fragrance), we tend overdo it when we're not careful. One spray is usually enough.

A little maintenance goes a long way

The longer we put off cleaning, the more product we have to use and the more time we have to spend. A little maintenance cleaning will help to save on both.

Use steam to soften grease

Steam can be used to soften dirt when cleaning difficult greasy surfaces, such as the cooker or oven. Use steam to avoid wasting money on special products and spend less time getting them spotless.

Take care of your cleaning tools

Many cloths and rags will last longer if you opt for quality. It’s also important to wash away dirt and odours in cold water and dry them. Many anodised aluminium broom and mop handles can last 10 times longer with proper care.

Each bottle you fill costs you €1.50!

Save on cleaning products to help the environment

When you use Concentralia®, the original Salló product, you use 10 times less plastic than with conventional products and you get it for less than half the price. While a conventional 750 ml bottle of degreaser costs around €3.75, 750 ml of Concentralia® costs you €1.50. This is possible thanks to its unique two-reservoir design — one reservoir is filled with tap water and the other holds the concentrate — which instantly mixes and dilutes the product in the neck of the bottle each time you spray.

  • Practical
  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Waste
  • CO2 emissions
  • Energy
  • Plastic

The savings are in the use of fewer resources

Because we use less plastic in packaging, caps, labels, etc. in the manufacture of Concentralia®, you save on the amount of cleaning products you consume. Moreover, by not adding water, which accounts for 80% of the content of cleaning products, we are able to reduce the weight of the product and, consequently, the final price, as weight is an important factor in logistical issues such as the price of transport (loading and unloading effort, fuel costs, replacements due to leaks, etc.). Finally, since we manufacture far fewer bottles, we are able to drastically reduce storage costs.

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